Urban strategist, organisational and project catalyst, collaborator, connector, energiser.

Andrew creates value by acting as a catalyst for extraordinary outcomes, with teams and with individuals.

Andrew’s approach of challenging assumptions with unexpected ideas can be used to transform the way an organisation tackles what it does; to scope projects so they are broadly supported, buildable and fundable and to unpick problems. He is able to draw on his background in planning and design of physical infrastructure, and in leading and managing teams of design professionals, to engage with people working in a conventional organisational environment. His immersion in the collaborative economy means he also moves comfortably in less structured environments and is able to provide a strong bridge between people operating in those two realms.

He uses his insight, infectious enthusiasm and energy to coach individuals for personal success and to help teams develop better ways of working together. His inclusive approach helps people move past organisational boundaries, think holistically and develop better solutions to operational or organisational challenges.

Andrew is an outstanding presenter and workshop facilitator, whose focus is on content as well as process.

Andrew also contributes thoughtfully to projects as a transport planner and urban strategist.