Client: Arup
Location: Australia
Project timeline: April 2007 to March 2010
Services provided: Leadership
Andrew Wisdom drove the transformation of an existing narrowly-defined transport planning business to a broad-based regional business with high aspirations.

From 2007 to 2010, Andrew created and led consulting firm Arup’s Australasian Planning business. Until then, Arup’s planning efforts had been undertaken within its infrastructure design groups, with an attendant focus on the upfront and complementary planning associated with infrastructure projects. Creation of the regional Planning business was about expanding aspirations for Arup as well as expanding skills and resources.

Andrew developed and implemented an ambitious plan to create a broad planning and design offer that reflected Arup’s reputation for excellence in the built environment. This expanded on well-established and long-standing traffic engineering and transport planning skill sets to include urban design and planning, sophisticated simulation modelling and data analysis and presentation. This broader skill base set the group up to tackle a broad range of planning and design challenges in an innovative way.

This group embraced these broader aspirations and quickly established itself as a national leader in its chosen fields. Members of the group also established a strong position both as thought leaders in Arup’s Australasian region and as links to the global sense of inquiry and innovation that characterises Arup. The group was responsible for a range of innovative outcomes in urban planning and design, which culminated in an award for local area planning in Nowra.