Do you want to create value by doing things differently?

Distilled Wisdom’s focus is on anything but business as usual. Through Distilled Wisdom, individuals, organisations, project teams and groups of people from differing backgrounds look afresh at the opportunities in front of them and grasp them in ways that in many cases surprise them.

Andrew Wisdom is Distilled Wisdom’s director. His background is in planning and design of physical infrastructure and in leading and managing teams of design professionals.

Andrew Wisdom brings passion, energy and insight to everything he does. He approaches keynotes from unusual directions, and as a result gets people to think afresh about familiar issues. His content-rich facilitation often builds on his keynotes; the combination helps move collaborative work in unexpected ways.

His coaching helps individuals and teams focus on what is truly important. His consulting practice builds on his expertise and experience as a transport planner and urban strategist, where he provides outstanding value in shaping a challenge or defining a project in ways that help generate the best possible outcome.

Andrew can tailor a program to suit your needs, be it a half-day conversation starter, a 3-5 day Inquiry By Design, or a series of workshops and associated individual work to deliver a detailed strategy and implementation programme.

Contact Andrew to request a speakers kit, and discuss speaking options which include, but are not limited to: a 10 minute introductory thought provoking address to motivate people to take the next step; a 30 minute provocation at start of a workshop; or a 60 minute keynote for a conference or dinner.