Client: EAgri
Location: Australia and China
Project timeline: 2010 – present (ongoing)
Services provided: Consulting, leadership, management
Andrew Wisdom is in the process of positively influencing the urban food chain in Australia and China, conceiving an innovation which allows food to be grown on an industrial scale in cities.

In response to growing city populations, burgeoning demand, stricter quality control, pollution and salination challenges, Andrew has reimagined what was a ‘cottage industry’ as a truly industrial process, and is striving to transform the herb and green leafy vegetable industry.

Andrew, as a Director of EAgri, has driven the creation of a hydroponic cropping and control system, which produces reliably high quality herbs and green leafy vegetables year round, with low energy, low water and low land footprint.

As the generator of the idea and a Director of the startup, Andrew’s input has been diverse; including scoping and development of the concept, strategic planning, evaluation of existing hydroponics technology, capital raising, establishing partnerships, liaising with an operator and tertiary institution, scoping and concept design of the cropping and control systems and evaluation of sites.

The system is currently in prototyping with a view to full commercialisation in Australia and China in the near future.